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We have set a target of Rs. 2 lakhs per hostel per week. Every helping hand counts when it comes to refurbishing such mighty rivers! So, go ahead and contribute now!

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  • Keep It Flowing is a movement to seek contributions from IITM Alumni to refurbish our hostels. As you would know, 12 of the hostels are old. While the structure remains strong, the fitments were made for a different era.
  • With your help, we can renovate these rooms to contemporary standards, and provide infrastructure worthy of the #1 engineering institution in India!
  • Let's keep our rivers flowing!


The cost of refurbishing a hostel room is Rs. 40,000. It includes civil work, painting, electricals and other refurbishing needs. We urge you to contribute for as many as you can.

Along with that, you may also sponsor other amenities in our hostels like Room Renovation, Common Room Furnishing, Improving sports facilities, Hostel Library Renovation, Flood Lights, Monkey proofing solutions, Landscaping and many more.

We assure you that the funds contributed by you shall be used for renovation work within your hostel. So take a moment to contribute as much and even more to make our home away from home the best ever.

Donations are eligible for 100% tax exemption under 80G.

Process breakdown

  • ROOM Renovation₹ 40,000

  • Hostel Library Renovation₹ 20,000

  • Common Room Furnishing₹ 20,000

  • Sporting FACILITIES₹ 20,000

  • flood lighting installation₹ 20,000

  • monkey proofing₹ 20,000

  • Landscaping₹ 20,000


We have received funds to the tune of Rs. 13.32 Crores so far from the alumni. We have completed the renovation of the Cauvery hostel and the renovation of the Ganga hostel is next. Work will pick up pace and we will be happy to show you around your renovated homes when you are in the campus next time.




Contributor tiers

Leave a trace of your legacy behind on your hostel wall.

You will not only get the satisfaction of giving back to your alma mater, but will also find your name etched onto the "Donor Wall of Fame" in your hostels, along with the memories you've made there. The future cohorts will have you to thank for the world-class ambience provided to them.

  • Titanium
    5 L/ $ 8000

  • Plutonium
    4 L/ $ 6500

  • Zirconium
    3 L/ $ 4800


The donors belonging to the first three tiers get naming rights opportunity, i.e. they get their names etched onto the "Donor Wall of Fame" in your hostel.


Donor's Message

"One day a call came to me telling it is call from IIT Chennai. He asked me whether I would like to donate to the renovation of Cauvery Hostel. I told him in a flash, Yes, I like to donate How it happened? First, a call from IIT, I cherish. Secondly, it was regarding Cauvery Hostel where I was accommodated for 2 years(1965-67) as an M.Tech full-time student. I did M.Tech in Machine Design in Mechanical Engineering. In those years that was the only M.Tech programme in Mechanical Engineering. So I decided to donate."

Dr. R.Raman (1965-67)

"When I was studying there in 1985-86, the cot was resting on 4 concrete blocks, the legs had been removed. It was difficult, but I could not resist writing the famous lines of Robert Frost that had the Patronage of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, "And miles to go before I sleep", on the walls of the room. The warden might not have liked it, but this was to inspire me further in my 4 year journey at IIT Madras. Focussing on the subject, was a difficult task, albeit my pricking inner conscience that used to prod me to study further."

K.S. Madhavan - 1986/BT/EE

"Jamuna was my home away from home for four years. It was the place where I met some very special people - friends for life."

Yasasvi Popuri - 2000 B Tech Civil Engg